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Arterial Hemostatic Connector


A connector device for inserting a guide wire into an artery without blood loss.
The connector have a male slip at one end, the other end is blocked by a closure valve to pre­vent passage of blood or air and a side capillary tube with closed terminal.
A needle connector has a proximal end, a distal end , and a passage way extending there between them. The distal end is comprising male luer slip that can be connected to a female luer of an introducer needle for percutaneous entry into a body artery, and the proximal end comprising a haemostatic segment having an opening permitting passage of a wire guide there through, the distal end sized and configured for leak-free engagement with the proximal end of the needle connector assembly. The arterial needle connector comprising a close end side tube communicating with the connector assembly; The side tube is for receiving the pulsating jets of arterial blood that help clinician to visualize the pulsating jets of arterial blood as it enters the system.
The connector passageway aligned with the needle hub and needle passageway to form a path for insertion of a guide wire into body artery.
In another version the male slip arm occupy an introducer needle.
Complete haemostatic advancement of guide wire into an artery
Verify the position of the needle inside the artery without any blood loss
connector is made from co polyester
Valves is made from Silicon
Side tube from PVC
HAC (Haemostatic arterial Connector)
HAC-1807 (Haemostatic arterial Connector with needle G18 x 7 Cm)