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Guiding Y Connector


Description: Y shape connector device for inserting a catheter guide wire into a blood vessel includes a Y shape connector. The connector have a male slip at one arm terminal, a male luer at a second arm terminal while the third arm is blocked by a closure valve to prevent passage of fluid through the guide passage during flushing or aspirating of the catheter introduction syringe . The silicon valve piece has inside tunnel that end with a slot cut. The Y connector is to be attached to introducer needle at the male slip arm and to a traditional syringe at the male luer arm.
When the needle is inserted into the blood vessel, the plunger of the standard syringe is then withdrawn somewhat to permit blood to be observed in the body of the syringe for verification of proper needle positioning. The guide wire advancer of the guide wire dispenser is introduced and pushed inside the central tunnel of the silicon valve. The piece will hold the advancer to work together as one piece. The tip of the advancer of the guide wire dispenser should first open the slot cut at the U shaped silicon piece. In this position, the central passage of the guide wire advancer is aligned and in communication with central passage of the Y connector and the needle lumen. The guide wire may then be fed into the blood vessel by advancing it through the central passage of Y connector and the needle lumen. In another version the male slip arm occupy an introducer needle.
Benefits: Complete haemostatic advancement of guide wire into vessels Avoid possible kinking of the guide wire while passing the valve. Work with any guide wire size including the thin or fragile types Better manipulation than guiding syringe especially in pediatric use.Keep the sensa-tion of passing the wire into the vein with a feeling of any slight resistance
Features: Light weight Transparent
 Material: Y connector is made from co polyester Valves is made from Silicon
Versions: GYC (Guiding Y Connector)
GYC-1807 (Guiding Y Connector with needle G18 x 7 Cm)
GYC-2004 (Guiding Y Connector with needle G20 x 4 Cm)