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GuideWire Scaled Dispenser


A calibrated housing used as dispenser and advancer for guidewires. The housing readily permits the physician to accurately advance the guide wire a desired length into the pa­tient. The distal end of the guide wire aligns with a reading on the housing that correlated with the advanced length.
The housing is equipped with thumb roller to improve advancing control and to exert fric­tion to prevent spontaneous slippage of the guide wire before or during use..
Avoid unseen, missed or wrong interpretation of length markings over the guide wire
Work with non length marked guide wires
Easier controlled advancement of guide wires without accidental slippage.
Compact one piece to prevent disassembly and damage during transit, storage and use
Light weight
Readable at both sides (for right or left handed users)
Numbering every 5 Cm
Marking every 1 Cm..
House and roller are made from Polypropylene
Cap is made from semi rigid P.V.C
Outer Diameter 11.4 Cm
Inner Diameter 8.8 Cm
Weight 30 Gm
GWSD-5 for 50 Cm Guidewires
GWSD-6 for 60 Cm Guidewires
GWSD-7 for 70 Cm Guidewires