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Short Term Haemodialysis Catheters

An Optimum Compromise between competing Factors. Where a balance between:

  • Flexibility & firmness.
  • Softness and anti kinking.
  • Material and durability.
  • Size and flow.

Catheter Features:

  • Soft tip.
  • Length marked.
  • Small rotating fixation wing.
  • Extension lines stand repeated clamping and declamping.
  • Multiple threads female luer end.
  • Injection caps.
  • Variety of sizes, lengths and shapes.

Kit Features:

  • Heavy duty length marked guide wire with advancer.
  • Long tapered tip dilators with stopper to avoid over insertion.
  • Scalpel # 11 for small snipping.
  • Guiding Y Connector “GY” (option).
  • Nitinol Guide wire “N” (option).