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PicAs an ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 certified and US FDA approved manufacturer we always start our projects with detailed input and Risk Analysis processes and procedures depending upon end users requirements ,patient safety and satisfaction.

Our state of the art manufacturing processes includes the following OEM Capabilities:

Research and Development

An experienced team of Engineers and Medical doctors are working together with a commitment towards Highest Quality, innovations, time and device functional requirements. We can put your product in the market before your competitors.

Manufacturing tools and production devices

Knowing that time is the core of successful business our tools work shop can design and manufacture production tools ,molds and even adjustable functions machines.


Our state-of-the-art facility allows manufacturing our tubes in different profiles and sizes using a wide range of thermoplastic materials. Our professional extrusion engineers work closely with our R&D through all stages of prototype design and development, using the most suitable materials and manufacturing processes.

Fusion technique

We have developed a unique process for tube fusion which is of great added value to the prototyping and production processes.

Over Molding

Over molding, as an injection molding process, has evolved along with material advances over the past decade to produce new technical and creative opportunities for medical device applications. Beyond soft touch, the process offers numerous possibilities for designing parts with improved aesthetics, added functionality, brand identification, and increased value.

Over molding, a multimaterial process enables device OEMs to take economical advantage of two or more materials with different properties by incorporating them into one molded component. Our understanding of polymer`s behavior ,advanced machinery, and our commitment to higher quality levels produce the most accurate results.


Our proprietary induction heat formers can be used for producing a broad range of catheter tips with open, closed, and soft ends. These custom-built induction tip forming systems can handle catheter tubes with outer diameters as small as 0.025" and as large as 0.263".

Most conventional thermoplastic polymers can be formed . Manufacturing flash-less dies and mandrels for custom tip forming operations is our specialty. Specially designed forming tools contour the OD and tip of your tubing while maintaining a clean through-hole. Depending on the type of polymer used and tube size.


Our service includes catheter assembly, welding , fusion, heat forming, curving, drilling, skiving, and pad Printing.