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Dr.SamyBeing a specialized physician in Nephrology and Dialysis, I derived myself to give the ultimate care by offering the best solutions to the patients undergoing Dialysis and Central Venous Catheters. With a group of physicians, we established Ameco Medical Industries in 1995.

Our good knowledge of polymers characteristics and biocompatibility resulted in creating our excellent brand "Amecath" . Since then, we are being innovative, keeping high quality standards of catheters and customers' satisfaction, and expanding our catheters' range to include interventional Urology catheters, stents and needles and lately the percutaneous Sheath Introducers as gate to various vascular and cardiology catheters.

Now all our catheters are approved by authorities in Europe, USA, Canada, Russia,….

Keep thinking in a logic way either to comfort the patient or help physician easy placing the catheters, ideas for ideal catheters came developed and now patented. The "Multi-tube Catheters" is considered by many as a new generation of catheter where every catheter lumen is round and continue from catheter tip to its end generated a high laminar flow. MT central venous catheters, Pressure resistance CVC, UniQath short term haemodialysis catheter, X split and Twin long term haemodialysis catheters are models of Multi-tubes catheters.

I have been able also to develop an ergonomic guide wire measuring dispenser, haemostatic arterial connector, guide wire guiding syringe, guide wire Y guiding connector and more on the way.

It is my challenge to keep Amecath brand strong , and my goal is to expand our range of products to include Cardiology Catheters , Chemotherapy Catheters and many others…..

Our unique know-how makes Ameco Medical Industries the best partner to carry out a lot of projects, meeting both the professional requirements of patients and the demanding needs of customers and commercial contractors.

We at Ameco are group of Doctors, and our catheters are known to be "Catheters From Doctors to Doctors" , as we have the sense of use and know what are doctors wish to get.

I personally promise to continue working and developing to bring the best for the patients. It is my wish that the women and men who work at Ameco will be always proud while sharing the success and offering the best catheters to the patients and doctors.

Thanks to all my people, our Agents, volunteers and many supporters for assisting us in our continuing voyage for the benefit of Amecath's future..
We have another great year ahead of us.

With kindest regards
Dr. Samy Hamboly
Chairman & CEO