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Ameco Medical Industries is unique and different in its innovations, designs, customers understanding and material one of which was among the firsts who introduced the anti-kinking "Nitinol" Guide Wire inside the kits , instead of the traditional stainless-steel guide wire .

We are also different because of:


Each specific catheter is made of different grades even if they are in the same family. The proper understanding of polymer and polymer behaviour enables us to use the proper material for each specific product. There are many Polyurethane commercially available but indeed they differ in many physical properties. The skill is to use the right material for the right product and this comes only if you have the sense of use as our personnel. "Ameco Medical Industries" uses only approved safe biocompatible raw material imported from best European countries and complying with the well known high international standards. "Amecath" catheters are manufactured fully in Egypt from A-Z


The core of Ameco is innovations. Our goal is continual developments and improvement in catheters design philosophy. An example is the Multi Tubes catheters where the catheters are made by fusion between tubes to have a laminar flow pattern in each lumen. Some consider them as the new catheters generation


All our products have been designed with the sense of use experienced by our designers. Design calculations are performed and are compared to the product specification. An example is the mathematical calculation which is done as a guide for expecting flow rate before designing a certain catheter and determining the appropriate tube dimensions, tip form and side holes.

Risk management and FMEA (Failure Mode and Effect Analysis) is performed at each stage of design and design control phases (design input, design output, design transfer, in process and for final products).Every known or foreseen risk has been evaluated, severily ranked and managed. Our risk management file is life file and is frequently revised and updated.

Understandings and flexibility

We are always ready to comply with all customers' requirements, and we can tailor the catheters to fulfil customer's requirements and needs since Ameco team is always ready to understand customer's requirements and to serve with the maximum high speed and fast delivery.

With the overall understanding of regulatory and customers' requirements, our catheters are designed, manufactured from appropriate material and controlled by highly qualified experienced physicians and engineers with ambition for innovation and continual improvement. Our catheters are from doctors to doctors.